Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Fall!

Finally the fall weather has set in. Halloween happened and from what I've seen you all looked FABO!
Some fall tips for you lovely transfers:
 - the Psych Lab Lottery is coming up fast so if you are thinking about taking a psych lab get ready to get on that!
- The city is chock full of amazing hot chocolate but if taking the subway to the east village won't fit in your schedule, try Nussbaums' hot chocolate. It's AHMAZING.
- If you are starting to get illin (not an ebola joke, those are so two weeks ago) make sure you stay on top of your water and vitamin C. And if you need more, don't fear the Health Center!

ALSO if you haven't in a while, a walk through a park (Riverside/Central/Washington Square) recently you must. The leaves are getting all yellow and gold and crunchy and its wonderful.

Midterms are hopefully over for everyone so breathe a little bit and get in full form for finals! Winter break will be here before you know it!

We gotchu!