Saturday, August 30, 2014


Just a little reminder that on Monday at 11:15 there is a Transfer Picnic to celebrate your making it through NSOP and there will be yummy free foods (not Hewitt food)! It will be on the Quad lawn and everyone will can come and eat and hang with us and still make it to their afternoon city tours! So come on down to picnic town!
Sorry that last line was a bit much.
I get easily excited. 
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Who: The wonderful and amazing transfers
What: Transfer Picnic
Where: Quad Lawn
When: 11:15 Monday the 1st
Why: Food, a special surprise, and dancing with Maddie, Yousr, Larissa and Claire.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pep Talk!

In case the stress is beginning to get to your gut, take a second to remember that while you may still be working on finding your niche, there was a big part of you that said 'Barnard is the right place for me' just a little while ago. Not only that, but Barnard also had to think back at you: 'You are the right person for Barnard."
We are a fast paced, bizarrely lingoed community to be sure. We all worship our president like a cult for her kick-butt, zumba leading, Ice-butcket-challenge-taking, midnightbreakfast-serving awesomeness.
But what we can all be sure of, is that by the end of this first semester, a few short months away from right now, you too will be dropping words like 'program filing' and names like 'D-Spar' on the daily.

So make sure you breathe. Get some sleep while you still can. And let the voices in your head calm down a little.

We Gotchu.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Every school has its own funky set of vocabulary. Here is no different. Registration actually refers to the online 'check in' that says 'Hi yes I am enrolled and actually on campus for good'. PROGRAM FILING is when you sign up for classes.
Sometimes people use them interchangeably but that is only to confuse you. No more likely is that they also get them mixed up and confused all the time.

For when you are down to your last pair of skivvies...

So where do you turn when you are using your bikini bottoms as underwear... again? LAUNDRY ROOM!

In Elliott the laundry room is in the basement, but in other buildings, sometimes they have them on different floors. The common thing though is that they will have machines that if you give them cash (in bills not coins) they will give you a laundry card! I think you have to put 10$ in and get the card with 5$ loaded on it! Each load costs $1.25 for the wash and $1.25 for the dryer (for those of you that are too tired for math, that's a total of $2.50)

Also worth a try though - spend some time getting to know your custodians and if you ask super nicely, sometimes they have extra ones!

Any Q's, email us!

Monday, August 25, 2014


A must have for all your exciting NSOP adventures is the Guidebook app! If you download it and then search for/then add Columbia, you will have access to a list of schedules for the Columbia College First Years, the Columbia Transfers, the Barnard First Years, the Barnard Transfers... What it then allows you to do is to create your own schedule and pick and choose which events from the different schedules you want to add. This means you can put all your mandatory Barnard Transfer events in one portable place BUT ALSO get the information for all the super fun Columbia tours around the city! (I have it on good authority the Thrift Shop tour is awesome..)

Put it on all your mobile devices. So. SO helpful.


App store.
Columbia 2014
all the schedules

Move-In Day Complete


Here is a little video that will help you get to know the Transfer Time RAs!
We are so excited to get to know each and every one of you. So. So. Excited.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Transition tip #1!!!

So. Barnard has a PE graduation requirement - all students must take one PE class before graduation. Pretty self explanatory. However. You cannot register for these classes like regular academic classes, there is a PE class lottery. The classes are listed in the course catalogue under Physical Educstion classes. The lottery though, you can find on your MyBarnard, and it works like this: when the lottery opens you will have the option to select the classes you would want and rank them in order of preference. After the lottery closes you will be notified which class you have gotten into!
Sounds simple. It is simple. But for some reason, is not really announced anywhere...

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
We gotchu!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Transition Tips!

The Transfer community is a thriving, tight knit supportive group. Sure, you may be thinking, "ya but everybody says that.." or "well at my last school everyone else thought that and it wasn't for me.." or some such something. However. We really do want to help you make this your home. The grass really is greener on our side and thats why we've compiled a list of things we wish we knew when we started at Barnard ourselves. Every school has its quirks and we have been working on a sort of cheat sheet for how things work here.
Check in here every day for our Transition Tips - and like always, any questions, pop us an email :)

We gotchu.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Room Sneak Peek!!!

Hey Everybody! We know a lot of you are super excited to move in, but also very much looking forward to picturing yourself here - and your space here. To help you out, here are a few pics of what the rooms look like right now! As your rooms are all being cleaned and prepped for your arrival, the furniture is all piled together, but we hope these pics give you more of an idea than just your imagination ;)
The attached pics are from Elliott Hall: half a double - bed and closet views, and a standard sized single - bed and closet views!
Got questions? HIT US UP!!!
We gotchu.
Email us at: