Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Year, Fresh Start, SO MANY GOOSEBUMPS!!

The Transfer Time RAs have just moved in and are getting everything ready for your arrival! I hope everyone is getting excited because we are so pumped for this year!
With that though, can also come some nerves - so, if you are nervous about anything from drinking NYC tap water, to tripping into your first class Lizzy McGuire style (both of which I have done by the way), ASK US! Send us an email! Comment below! Lets get a conversation started so that we kick off this new year here together :)

And as always, breathe a little. We gotchu.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sending out some love

Just want to say that we are around and if you want to talk or just sit and eat chocolate or cookies with someone or anything at all. PLEASE don't hesitate to knock on our doors or message us or email us or D all of the above.
No one here is alone, and this is us reminding you that we are here for you.

There are so many wonderful resources available if you are feeling overwhelmed or even just feeling a little down, please don't think twice about reaching out. Barnard truly is a supportive community and that is all we want to do - no judgement - just support.

Take some time to breathe.
Be well.
We gotchu.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Fall!

Finally the fall weather has set in. Halloween happened and from what I've seen you all looked FABO!
Some fall tips for you lovely transfers:
 - the Psych Lab Lottery is coming up fast so if you are thinking about taking a psych lab get ready to get on that!
- The city is chock full of amazing hot chocolate but if taking the subway to the east village won't fit in your schedule, try Nussbaums' hot chocolate. It's AHMAZING.
- If you are starting to get illin (not an ebola joke, those are so two weeks ago) make sure you stay on top of your water and vitamin C. And if you need more, don't fear the Health Center!

ALSO if you haven't in a while, a walk through a park (Riverside/Central/Washington Square) recently you must. The leaves are getting all yellow and gold and crunchy and its wonderful.

Midterms are hopefully over for everyone so breathe a little bit and get in full form for finals! Winter break will be here before you know it!

We gotchu!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Remember those SAVE THE DATEs?
Well tonight in the Elliott courtyard/lobby at 7:30 will be a BBQ fiesta you won't want to miss! There will be dancing, a photo booth, and grilled yummies for all.
This is only a taste of what's to come!


7:30 - Transfers
8:30 - all of Elliott is welcome

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


So. The meal plans. Here's the sitch. Swipes can be used here at Barnard and also in most of the Columbia dining halls (though sometimes with restricted hours). Barnard 'points' can only be used here at Barnard (Liz's place/2nd floor dining hall). For points you can use all over the place you will need to SEPARATELY purchase 'Dining Dollars' or 'Flex' (Flex can be used at some of the restaurants/grocery stores in the area).
If you cook for yourself a lot and always have cash/credit on hand, a large meal plan is not necessary - all the points are dollar for dollar and at most places they will take either your ID or regular payment methods. The main question is how many swipes to get and if you like only having your ID on you. If you are a dining-hall-meal-getter, figure out which meals you eat there and then calculate how many per semester you would need.

Official help links are:

Columbia dining breakdown -

Barnard Dining Breakdown -

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Just a little reminder that on Monday at 11:15 there is a Transfer Picnic to celebrate your making it through NSOP and there will be yummy free foods (not Hewitt food)! It will be on the Quad lawn and everyone will can come and eat and hang with us and still make it to their afternoon city tours! So come on down to picnic town!
Sorry that last line was a bit much.
I get easily excited. 
Food52 animated GIF

Who: The wonderful and amazing transfers
What: Transfer Picnic
Where: Quad Lawn
When: 11:15 Monday the 1st
Why: Food, a special surprise, and dancing with Maddie, Yousr, Larissa and Claire.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pep Talk!

In case the stress is beginning to get to your gut, take a second to remember that while you may still be working on finding your niche, there was a big part of you that said 'Barnard is the right place for me' just a little while ago. Not only that, but Barnard also had to think back at you: 'You are the right person for Barnard."
We are a fast paced, bizarrely lingoed community to be sure. We all worship our president like a cult for her kick-butt, zumba leading, Ice-butcket-challenge-taking, midnightbreakfast-serving awesomeness.
But what we can all be sure of, is that by the end of this first semester, a few short months away from right now, you too will be dropping words like 'program filing' and names like 'D-Spar' on the daily.

So make sure you breathe. Get some sleep while you still can. And let the voices in your head calm down a little.

We Gotchu.