Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pep Talk!

In case the stress is beginning to get to your gut, take a second to remember that while you may still be working on finding your niche, there was a big part of you that said 'Barnard is the right place for me' just a little while ago. Not only that, but Barnard also had to think back at you: 'You are the right person for Barnard."
We are a fast paced, bizarrely lingoed community to be sure. We all worship our president like a cult for her kick-butt, zumba leading, Ice-butcket-challenge-taking, midnightbreakfast-serving awesomeness.
But what we can all be sure of, is that by the end of this first semester, a few short months away from right now, you too will be dropping words like 'program filing' and names like 'D-Spar' on the daily.

So make sure you breathe. Get some sleep while you still can. And let the voices in your head calm down a little.

We Gotchu.

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